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Cling to what is good.


It is a love without hypocrisy. A hypocrite is a person with a mask on. The term comes from Greek drama when an actor put on a mask to play a different role. Ask God to fill you that His love. Jesus said that the world we know that we are Christians, not because we post on Face book, but because we love one another John What is authentic love like?

It is humble , not proud. Special attention is given to the materials and resources in each class. Your child will be given the opportunity to learn with authentic and natural materials. We use the NC Foundations for Early Learning and Development as a guide and resource to define the skills and abilities we want to support in the learning experiences we provide for young children. Children are active hands-on learners. Children will explore through music, art, literature, science, math, sensory play, outside play, and circle time.

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We also have chapel and Musicare each week to plant the seeds of faith in your child and nurture their growing relationship with Jesus Christ. Building Relationships. We believe strongly in building relationships between families, classes, the church family, and our community. Ministry Driven.

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Ministry matters! The love of Jesus Christ compels us to put our faith into action and serve as channels of His love and grace to others. We strive to encourage and equip each person to utilize their God-given talents, passions, and resources to build relationships and so transform our local and global communities.

Relationally Guided. People matter! Our relationship with Christ and others cannot be fully separated, and both should be sought out, developed, and nurtured.

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Therefore, we encourage the development of relationships in our church, our community, and our world and seek to lead others into a living relationship with God. As faithful followers of Jesus Christ, we seek to do as He did by taking people seriously and treating them with dignity and respect. Biblically Grounded. The Bible matters!

A Tour of Israel.

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Series September 1-October 20 What do you do whenever you have a mountain in your life? We usually dread these rugged peaks. Have you ever considered that God may use mountains in powerful, positive ways in your life?

On eight different occasions in the Gospels, we are told that Jesus encountered mountains. Senior Pastor Dr. Greg Ammons will look at all eight of these times from the life of Jesus to see how we deal with mountains of our own. Sometimes we climb them. Sometimes we cross them. Sometimes we move them.

Series March May 12 Are there questions you have always wondered but did not really want to ask? Maybe you have questions about why Christians believe as they do on a subject.

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B&H Baptist History Collection (11 vols.)

Perhaps you wonder what the Bible actually says about a particular topic. If you could get a friend to ask the question, you would be interested in hearing the answer. How was Jesus known among the people of His day? What was it about Him that made the crowds flock to Him and the common person love Him?