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Marriage problems, financial stress, bad schools, uninterested teachers, trouble-making classmates, degrading media influences, and illnesses are just some of the things that will challenge you in raising your children the way you desire to. These negative things resist you in your attempt to be a "successful" parent.

Role of a Super Dad

Be Unreasonable: Some of you may be trying to teach your kid proper table manners. Meanwhile, your kid sees playmates eating like cavemen.

Negative behavior is picked up much easier than positive--it's an uphill battle. It may take more than just occasionally showing your child how to hold a fork.


Role of a Super Dad

As a parent, you need to do what others may call "unreasonable". Go overboard and watch YouTube cartoon videos teaching table manners with your kid; play tea time and make games out of it; tell grandma to discuss the issue. The point is, do more than what other parents consider normal. Be Persistent: The problem is many parents underestimate the time, energy, and effort necessary to properly raise their kids how they wish to.

You tell your son to pick up his toys, and he doesn't--or he does once every five times you ask, and soon you begin to accept the fact that he doesn't listen to you--or that you will have to have a tantrum for your message to get across. You have to come into the game knowing that it will be an uphill battle and you need to stay persistent and not let up on your demands. If you take the proper posture from the start and assume that it will take a ton of effort and energy to teach something to your kid, you will be ready for the battle.

Don't Lower Your Targets: If your target is to have your boy clean up his toys after each play session, don't lower your target if you meet resistance and be ok with letting it go when he doesn't clean.

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Your first goal wasn't attained so you lowered the target and decided that you'd let it slide and maybe he needs to only clean once every three or four times. It's not the kid that is the problem here, it's you as a parent having a goal but not following through in attaining that goal because some resistance made you lower your standard. Ask the Right Questions. One Friday evening during dinner, Laurie, then in eighth grade, told Vic about a Social Studies project due Monday morning.

The next day she asked her father if she could go with her friends to the movies. Laurie stayed home and did her work. Vic helped instill in his child the skills needed to make conscientious decisions. Step 4. Develop Positive Communication Skills. There are also times when super dad needs to say little, but be as supportive as an iron beam.

Superdad – Ruler

One day my daughter, Koren, was dismissed from high school early; it was a minimum day. She asked if I would drive her friend home.

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Susan lived out of our way, but I agreed. After the twenty-minute drive home, while I was unpacking groceries Koren asked me for the keys to the car. When she came back, I noticed her eyes were puffy, holding back a flood of tears.

An Ode To Mom On This Mother’s Day

I think I left it in Biology class. Can you take me back to school to find it?

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Koren had lost her retainer before. She had paid half the cost to the orthodontist. While driving to school, I noticed her furrowed brow and her wringing hands. She was beating herself up better than any lecture I could give. We found the retainer on the floor of her classroom and returned to the car. For the same reason you helped Susan I helped you.

Each one of us is put here for the distinct purpose of making life easier for each other.