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However, the natural ruler is the primary consideration. The natural ruler is the planet corresponding with the subject of the election. For example, every election pertaining to marriage, or relationship matters should feature a strong and well-placed Venus.

Electional astrology

This is the primary consideration, although the ruler of the seventh house is also considered. Ideally, an election for marriage would feature a strong Venus, a healthy Moon, and favorable aspects to the ruler of the natal seventh house. Likewise, the signing of important papers requires a sound Mercury. Business matters benefit when Saturn, Jupiter and the Sun are well aligned. It is always beneficial to strengthen the natural rulers of an electional matter. The next consideration is the house ruling the electional matter.

This is the house corresponding with the main theme of the election. It is necessary to strengthen the house of the matter , and link it favorably with the first house. The seventh house is the house of marriage, and the tenth, the house of business.

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In a marriage election, we want positive aspects between the rulers of the first and seventh houses. In a business election, positive aspects between the rulers of the first and tenth houses are needed. We can begin by looking for days with positive aspects between the Moon, and the planet ruling the electional matter. Only applying aspects are considered in electional astrology as once an aspect is separating the opportunity is over.

The Moon is allowed all applying aspects until she leaves the sign she is in. In other words, the Moon is not confined to an orb of influence. Each applying aspect will describe something about the unfolding of the electional matter. The final aspect of the Moon shows the outcome of the election, and is a major consideration. A positive last aspect is very important if the elected matter is to end well.

To a great extent electional work is subject to certain time constraints. Therefore, it is vital to fortify the Moon.

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Begin by looking for days when she is making mostly positive aspects. Her waxing phase favors growth, and she should be strong by sign, and ideally making no difficult aspects to the Sun or to the planet ruling the matter of the election. Moon void-of-course is to be avoided when selecting an election date. Actions taken when the Moon is void will not turn out as planned. The Moon is making no contact with the planets and therefore, no action ensues. The same applies to the election chart.

The Ascendant ruler should be strong, in good aspect with the Moon, and with the planet ruling the electional matter. The first house and its ruling planet always represent the person who initiates the action, and should be free from affliction. It is necessary to have a positive applying aspect between the planet ruling the first house person, and the planet ruling the house of the elected matter.

If there is no contact, no action will ensue. The Moon is always a co-ruler of the first house person and can be used to connect the two. Try to keep the difficult planets away from the Ascendant and out of the first quadrant. Difficult planets in the first quadrant can interfere with the momentum of the elected matter. Saturn may cause delay or require tremendous effort to overcome. Uranus usually presents an unexpected problem or a disruptive influence.

Neptune may indicate a lack of information, misinformation or bad judgment. With Pluto something needs to be eliminated before the matter can proceed. Also try to avoid a retrograde significator. This is the planet representing any significant person or matter in the election chart. A retrograde condition is weak and may not function well. The quality of the signs on the angles should favor the election chart. Cardinal signs support quick action and taking the initiative. Fixed signs support endurance. They are particularly desirable for long-term commitments, such as marriage, or for projects where longevity is vital.

Mutable signs encourage change, and are helpful when flexibility is needed. The Part of Fortune is considered favorable, especially if placed in the house ruling the matter of the election.


It is also helpful when conjunct the ascendant. It acts like a benefic planet and can play a significant role. It is however, not well placed in the eighth or twelfth house, unless your election pertains to one of those houses. In either house it is considered the part of misfortune. The mutual reception of two planets enables the respective planets to change signs, and therefore change positions.

The two planets in mutual reception cooperate with one another, and this lends flexibility and versatility to the matter at hand. It is similar to a conjunction in that the two planets work together as one. An angle or planet in critical degree operates at a disadvantage. The person or matter represented is either premature or too late, respectively. The malefic degrees should also be avoided. The person or matter represented by a planet in one of these degrees is unstable.

The natal chart of the individual plays a key role in the success of an election. The birth chart will affirm whether the goal is realistic. We also examine the current planetary cycles for confirmation that the election is attainable. They will help us determine whether the overall timing is favorable.

In particular, we are most interested in the Saturn cycle.

The Mountain Astrologer Editor's Choice ~ Electional Astrology

If Saturn is making difficult aspects to the Sun, for instance, it can be quite difficult to succeed with business matters. It is certainly easier to have success with electional astrology if the current cycles agree with the intent of the election. However, an election chart does stand on its own, and should always reflect the best time to support the desired outcome. Joann Hampar is a horary-electional astrologer practicing in New York City. She earned her certifications after completing the Gilbert Navarro-Ivy M.

Goldstein-Jacobson course. Joann also teaches a correspondence course on this subject.

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