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Last week, roughly one-third of the meltdown narrative was about the proposed stimulus package that Obama is trying to get passed, the politics and elements of the plan. Lead newsmaker.

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It might have been even bigger, and the guessing even more wild, had it come another week. The No. She was followed by outgoing President George Bush at No.

UNITED SYMBOLS "not substance" OF AMERICA = We Live In a World of Symbolism Not Realism 1 OF 3 (ma

After the new administration and the financial crisis, the third-biggest story from Jan. Next was coverage of the Jan. See List of Outlets. The weekly study, which includes some 1, stories, is designed to provide news consumers, journalists and researchers with hard data about what stories and topics the media are covering, the trajectories of that media narrative and differences among news platforms.

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The percentages are based on "newshole," or the space devoted to each subject in print and online and time on radio and TV. See Our Methodology.


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Each year, PEJ examines the methodology of the Weekly News Index to ensure that both the content studied and the weights applied to each media sector reflect developments in how Americans consume news information. For , PEJ made two adjustments, which went into effect on January 1, You are trying to zoom in on your map, not rename the cities; dereference the pointer, not allocate a new pointer; see the events as they happen, not rewrite the cliche in a different wording.

What purpose does each and every part serve? If you see your activities and situation originally, you will be able to originally see your goals as well. If you can look with fresh eyes, as though for the first time, you will see yourself doing things that you would never dream of doing if they were not habits. Purpose is lost whenever the substance learning, knowledge, health is displaced by the symbol a degree, a test score, medical care. To heal a lost purpose, or a lossy categorization, you must do the reverse:.

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Replace the symbol with the substance; replace the signifier with the signified; replace the property with the membership test; replace the word with the meaning; replace the label with the concept; replace the summary with the details; replace the proxy question with the real question; dereference the pointer; drop into a lower level of organization; mentally simulate the process instead of naming it; zoom in on your map. And remember that the goal is not really to play Taboo—the word "true" appears in the text, but not to define truth.

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It would get a buzzer in Hasbro's game, but we're not actually playing that game. Ask yourself whether the document fulfilled its purpose, not whether it followed the rules. Bayes's Rule itself describes "evidence" in pure math, without using words like "implies", "means", "supports", "proves", or "justifies". Set out to define such philosophical terms, and you'll just go in circles.

And then there's the most important word of all to Taboo. I've often warned that you should be careful not to overuse it, or even avoid the concept in certain cases.

Publication – Center for Security Studies | ETH Zurich

Now you know the real reason why. It's not a bad subject to think about. But your true understanding is measured by your ability to describe what you're doing and why, without using that word or any of its synonyms. A Human's Guide to Words. Replace the Symbol with the Substance. S military presence in South Korea will ultimately be reduced as part of any deal, something which Pyongyang had notably left out of its demands.

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  6. Although it is far too early to draw broad inferences, there are some telling signs already as cross-border trade has begun to pick up again between the two countries , as well as the reported return of DPRK workers to China and the resumption of oil-product sales North Korean fuel prices also dropped suddenly and sharply throughout April. Further analysis ought to be focused on how the resetting of ties between the two countries over the coming months influences the economic relationship.

    Whilst reclaiming and maintaining economic influence over North Korea will remain a crucial goal for Beijing as the peace process takes shape, the parameters of what form it will take are constantly in flux. Ultimately, Beijing prefers economic ties to be a bilateral process of give and take, than a convenient one-way profit margin for Pyongyang. In the bigger picture, the long deterioration of ties between Beijing and Pyongyang was beneficial to Kim Jong-un as he sought to attain equal footing with Washington in negotiations, something he has now achieved.

    Now, it has to do all it can to avoid an unfavourable outcome for itself and is, consequentially, scrambling to rebuild relations with its neighbour, which cannot come without a price. You must log in to post a comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

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